The Good Business Festival 2022

Countdown begins to The Good Business Festival 2022!

Liverpool City Region’s festival spirit that has previously delivered unforgettable global events such as The International Festival for Business and One Magnificent City, and is showcasing the city to the world again this week at the G7 summit, will return in 2022 with The Good Business Festival.  

Major brands and inspiring leaders from business, media, music and academia are leading what is the world’s largest responsible business festival, formed around six showcase events across Liverpool City Region and culminating in three days of events running from 22 – 24 March 2022.

Powerful ideas and transformational change will be on the agenda as some of the smartest and sharpest minds on the planet lead presentations, panel discussions, workshops and knowledge sessions showcasing how businesses of every size and sector have prospered by being purpose-led. 

Since a digital version of the event took place in October 2020, The Good Business Festival has attracted global prominence for its imaginative blend of arts, culture and business focused on helping businesses future-proof themselves by adapting to new market realities and changing consumer and employee expectations.   

The Good Business Festival’s eagerly anticipated in-person return in 2022 will see events covering a range of topics, including housing, ethical consumerism, sustainable transport and ethical investment, as well as a focus on the young trailblazers who are designing sustainable systems for the future. 

The showcase events will take place in Sefton, St Helens, Halton, Wirral, Liverpool city centre and Knowsley.

Hosted across different quarters in the city centre, venues for next year’s events include Oh Me Oh My on Liverpool Waterfront, The Liverpool Guild of Students in the Knowledge Quarter, and CONTENT in the Baltic Triangle.

Major names taking part include Innocent, Arbonne, musician Louis VI, as well as Joe Iles from The Ellen MacArthur Foundation; Kelly Beaver from Ipsos Mori; Felicia Odamtten, Founder of The Black Economists Network; Jude Kelly CBE, CEO and Founder of The WOW Foundation; and Andrew Sandoz, CCO at Deloitte.

Joining them at the event to also share their insight will be a host of local businesses and speakers, including Joanne Holden, sustainability director at Peel L&P; Carl Beer, Chief Exec Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority; Dorcas Seb, multi-disciplinary artist; The Regenda Group, while Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram will also be speaking.

Mayor of Liverpool City Region, Steve Rotheram said:

“The Good Business Festival has been on quite a journey since it was first launched. What was originally planned as a three-day summit has transformed into a programme of virtual and in-person events lasting more than a year. 

“We know that the Coronavirus pandemic has hammered people and businesses across our region and around the world but the time in lockdown last year also gave us an opportunity to pause and think about the kind of city region, and world, we want to build.

“Throughout the last few years, we’ve delivered an unprecedented package of support to protect and grow the local economy before, during and after COVID, and have launched projects like The Good Business Festival to reimagine, revitalise and reshape the way that we do business. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to be able to meet in person and have the festival we originally hoped for!”

The Good Business Festival showcase events, collectively known as Greater Good, will bring the event even closer to regional business audiences on a tour of interesting and unusual venues across Liverpool City Region’s boroughs. 

Councillor Janette Williamson, Deputy Metro Mayor, said: 

“Consumer expectations are changing faster than ever before, creating opportunities for those who understand what’s happening in the marketplace and risks for anyone who does not. 

“The Good Business Festival is an incredible opportunity for businesses of any size and in any sector to be inspired and see what can be achieved. We are very proud to take the festival and all that it offers around the city region and directly into every part of it. 

“This is a world class programme and it’s on our doorstep, ready to excite, inspire and challenge received wisdoms.”

Greater Good will focus on local good business issues with national and international significance, highlight pioneering local sectors and good business leadership and champion a greater understanding of purposeful business practices originating from each borough. 

Claire McColgan MBE, Director at Culture Liverpool, said:  

“The Greater Good events are an extremely exciting addition and will allow us to build momentum ahead of March. 

“Each regional event will complement a topic we’ll be tackling at the festival, taking expert thinking on important issues and translating it into relevant, practical and inspirational knowledge for local SMEs, business communities, start-ups and budding entrepreneurs.

“The events will be open to anyone to come and learn, teach and debate on the big topics of our time, whilst exploring one of the UK’s most exciting cities.”

As part of the build-up to the programme of events, renowned British photographer Rob Bremner has created In Good Company, an online exhibition showcasing local businesses that are already flying the flag for good business.

It includes a mix of homegrown talent, such as HomeBaked Bakery, CNC Robotics, Draw & Code, Agent Academy, Make CIC, Kitty’s Launderette, The Big Onion, and The Women’s Org with Kuumba Imani. 

Highlights to date for The Good Business Festival include the digital festival attracting audiences of thousands from across 43 countries, and the festival successfully hosting the first post pandemic face-to-face business event in Europe in April 2021. 

The event garnered worldwide attention for safely bringing the business community back together to build on the conversation about returning from the pandemic with purpose. 

In November 2021, the festival continued to play its part in tackling the world’s greatest challenges, by presenting at COP26 in Glasgow on behalf of the North West region, to highlight the importance of young people taking a leading role in business in the coming decade. 

Events will be curated by The Good Business Festival and run in collaboration with national and local partners.

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About The Good Business Festival   

The Good Business Festival is a pioneering business gathering taking place in Liverpool City Region. The festival will bring together the smartest minds from around the world to think big, galvanise our ambition and drive positive change, following the success of the digital event in October 2020. The festival brings perspectives from the worlds of arts, culture, science and economics to share the latest thinking, debate the big questions, and explore how business can solve the world’s greatest challenges. Through the thought-provoking and unexpected programming, the festival will bring voices from across society to explore the potential of business to improve lives, deliver meaningful change and realise a purpose beyond profit.     

Local tech start-up partners with young musician

The Liverpool tech firm Pulse Systems has partnered with Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) graduate Max Hustwick to create a jingle for the company’s YouTube series.

Sharing best practice and regional insight

Colin Sinclair, CEO of KQ Liverpool and Sciontec Liverpool, and Director of LSP and Sensor City, shares his thoughts on the role of innovation centres, future regional developments and levelling up, at a number of online events.

UKSPA: COVID-19 Update: Lessons from the past, the present and future challenges

Thursday 21st January @ 12-1:15pm

UKSPA’s first webinar of 2021 looked at the lessons learnt from the past nine months and considered the challenges, as well as the opportunities, ahead.

Alongside speakers from The Coalition for a Digital Economy, Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands, Exeter Science Park and Harwell Campus, Colin discussed the impact of the pandemic and the role of innovation centres in a post pandemic world.

Colin explained: “Adaptation is key. Innovation centres have to create pandemic resilient buildings and workspaces of the future, as well as dovetailing their region’s specialisms.”

With overall unemployment figures on the rise as a result of the pandemic, it is key that we continue to push ahead with shovel ready schemes, like HEMISPHERE in KQ Liverpool’s Paddington Village,
in order to create new employment opportunities (both knowledge intensive and supply chain).

The future focus should not just be on building buildings however, but on regional strengths. For Liverpool City Region, this is Health and Life Sciences, which is highly relevant in pandemic resilience and recovery.

Liverpool’s unique value proposition is a city powered by knowledge and fuelled by culture, which is now increasingly driven by health innovation. This focus on health, life sciences and tech, and the depth of our talent pool, will improve health outcomes, drive our economic recovery, and become our future USP.

Innovation centres therefore have a significant role to play in providing an environment where this expertise can thrive, making a real difference to the UK’s recovery and future pandemic defence.

Other key themes discussed during the session included Government support for tech start-ups, innovation culture, and customer wellbeing and mental health.

If you missed the webinar or would like to read all speakers’ presentation slides, please click here


Built Environment Network: Future Development Plans – Science & Innovation Parks

Monday 8th February @ 9:45-11:30am

This event will focus on the ever-growing sector that is science parks and innovation corridors – as the UK continues to be a hub for inward investment, education and new emerging technology.

A number of expert speakers from the realm of science parks and innovation corridors, including Rachael Patterson, Policy and Marketing Manager at Sciontec Liverpool, will come together on this unique panel to discuss their future development ambitions, the state of the market, the role that their facilities will play in a post-Brexit world and how their ongoing projects are key to creating a knowledge-based economy.

Registration link:


Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology: Roundtable on levelling up (R&D funding)

Monday 8th February – PM

At the request of Sir Patrick Vallance and Dame Nancy Rothwell, Colin Sinclair has been invited to join a virtual roundtable discussion, to consider the role that research and innovation activity can play in ‘levelling up’; to reduce economic disparities across the UK and promote equality of opportunity.

This exclusive event will be co-hosted by the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology (CST) and the Industrial Strategy Council (ISC) and will build on the CST’s previous advice to the Prime Minister.

The objective of the roundtable is to consider ‘what works’ in place-based R&D investments, from identifying local strengths, needs and opportunities, to ensuring decision-makers – both local and national – have the information and support to enable effective placed-based R&D decision-making.

Colin plans to raise the opportunity to level up in the North by recognising and promoting Liverpool City Region, Manchester and Cheshire’s strengths in Health and Life Sciences, focusing in particular on what the KQ Liverpool partners are doing on pandemic resilience, including mass testing, vaccine trials and digital health/civic data.

We are honoured to have a voice at this table, and Colin’s valuable input will help to inform the advice given to Government.

This is a private event and not available for public registration.

Knowledge Quarter Liverpool reveals new community referral scheme

Knowledge Quarter Liverpool (KQ Liverpool) has today launched KQ Reward, a community referral scheme providing tiered rewards for successful introductions of new customers to KQ Liverpool.

KQ Base soft landing programme launched to encourage inward investment

A new soft-landing programme, known as KQ Base, has been launched today with the aim of de-risking inward investment.

Unilever renew membership with Sensor City

Sensor City will provide Unilever with a bespoke package of technical and business support over the next two years, as part of a joint commitment to drive innovation within Liverpool City Region.

Last chance to apply for LCR mettle

Last chance to apply for the next intake of Mettle – the free support programme for Digital, Creative & Tech leaders in Liverpool City Region.

Metro Mayors Launches Suite of Virtual Support

New online community and six-week virtual training course launched to give digital, creative and tech leaders access to support amid unprecedented economic shock.

Sensor City to Launch Discovery Days

Sensor City are launching a programme of Discovery Days designed to support manufacturing and engineering companies looking to scale-up or integrate digital technologies into their products or processes.

Paddington Village – The Spine Topping Out

A key milestone at Morgan Sindall Construction’s work at The Spine – the Royal College of Physicians’ (RCP) new £35-million northern headquarters in Paddington Village, Liverpool City Council’s development site– has been celebrated with a ceremony to mark the building reaching its highest point.